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PyCon2007 >> 2007/2/25

Keynote: Computer Literacy

by Mr. Robert M. Lefkowitz


ううう。Brianの言うとおり、話が難しい人だ…。 いきなり、トーマス・ジェファーソンの言葉の引用から始まる。 お芝居のような抑揚でしゃべる人だ。

CP4E -- Computer Programming for Education

Free Software

  • ソースの有無なんて、読める人だけに意味がある。
  • 読めるのは人口の2%だけだ。

Why Johnny can't code.


  • プログラミングは、単なるコンピュータへの指示ではなく、アイデアや考えの発露である。
  • Rhetoric=Programming is the art of communicating through symbols ideas about reality.
  • Computer literacy generally refers to the ability to use applications rather than to program.


If everyone had to read and study the source code of a (set of) program(s) in high school, which one would you pick?

Moshe Zadke -- Writing a PEP for something you have implemented is just as hard as writing a PEP for something you haven't implemented.

What would it take to design a programming language that would be expressive enough to communicate through symbols ideas about reality.

Literary Work -- Why is all the code for an application not in one file?

Programing as Rhetoric -- プログラミングは作文だ。

Rhetoric Application Architecture

  • introduction
  • background
  • proof
  • refutation
  • conclusion

In the beginning was a command line. -- Neal Stephanson

Dijkstra -- APL is a mistake, carried through to perfection. It is the language of the future for the programming techniques of the past.

How do you read code out loud?